Outdoor recreational equipment

Childhood and sport are inseparable.
We will be happy to help you make this union effective and enjoyable!
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Production and quality warranty
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The most advanced technologies are used in the Romana company production capacities: unique high-precision laser-cutting machines, modern painting line and conveyor type assembly shops. This allows us to provide a turnkey solution for your projects within the shortest possible time.

Warranties specified in technical data sheets are applied to all products.

Installation and maintenance

It is not enough to produce a high-quality play and exercise equipment; you need to ensure that it will serve for a long time. ROMANA employs specialists who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of facilities. At your request, they will control the process of installation: from the planning to final implementation. We take care of the safety and security of all products that we produce and assemble.

Security and technology
All products of the factory are tested according to safety standards. ROMANA has several certificates from various organizations, both Russian and international. A number of factory technologies are patented and protected by copyright.
How to check a certificate?
Information about certification bodies, inspecting our equipment for compliance with state standards, is available in the register of accredited entities on the official website of the Russian Federal Accreditation Service.
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The history of our company

A truly modern and high-quality play and exercise equipment for children and adults has to meet a variety of requirements.

We have been leading since 1999 when ZAO “Zavod igrovogo sportivnogo oborudovaniya” began the development, production and sale of fitness equipment, horizontal bars, wall bars, slides, swings, dry pools, various sport equipment, small architectural forms, etc.

Head office and production of
ZAO “Zavod igrovogo sportivnogo oborudovaniya”, ROMANA
428037, Cheboksary, Montazhniy proezd, 6B
Toll free line throughout Russia: 88002500669
Tel: 8 (8352) 222-123
E-mail: romana@romana.ru
Working hours: Mon-Fri: from 08-00 to 16-30
(online store daily 8: 00-17: 30)
Sat-Sun: closed
Separate structural department of
ZAO “Zavod igrovogo sportivnogo oborudovaniya”
Moscow, Vostryakovsky proezd 10B, building 18
31 km. Ring Road (inside)
Tel: 8 (499) 707-74-96
Working hours: Tue-Sat: from 08-00 to 16-30
Fri: from 07-30 to 14-00
(online store daily 8: 00-20: 00)
Sun-Mon: closed